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Year End — 16 Comments

  1. Happy New Year, Holly – and very best wishes for an interesting, safe and satisfying 2011.

    Hope you do get to spend more time with your family, even if that means some challenges!

  2. Happy New Year…hope all is quiet and there aren’t any fireworks to celebrate the new year…just think this is the last time someone will say that backwards fireworks statement…

  3. All change is a lot of personal work.

    It is going to be a big change for all concerned. You are not the only one set in your ways, right?

  4. Oh, yes that is an excellent point. It is going to put a strain on the rest of the household as well. I am not exactly the shy retiring one when it comes to some house management issues.

  5. No matter how ready I was for a big change like what you describe, I’d
    be also scared/nervous. However, you have lots of models of people you
    know who’ve made it work

  6. A wise mentor of mine once said that you shouldn’t leave the military until you are running towards something instead of away from it. Enjoy lacing up the running shoes! πŸ™‚

  7. Sounds like a very, very good plan.

    Have a very happy and healthy new year. I LOVE being Jewish–that way we can wish our friends happy new year TWICE!

  8. Going to dinner down in Annapolis, then staying in. Next year we ARE going to the Kennedy Center! πŸ™‚ It is amazingly warm today (40s/50 in the sun)-the January thaw has come early. Be safe over there! I pray for you guys every day.

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