Yarn, yarns, and bones

The snow has melted, even under the trees, but it is still predicted to be below freezing tonight.

Ms Copper has successfully completed her first day of dental work. A small bit of ibuprofen and a nap seems to set her totally right. Following a dinner of Indian food (did I mention the great price and ease of cooking?) we watched the last DvD of Bones (the first season). Both are now going in the “drop off at Heidelberg” bag so that I don’t accumulate too much here.

Firefox Beta 3

If you are stuck with Wistless, upgrading to FireFox 3 (Beta) really has made a difference in browsing. There are improvements in the URL bar. And, really important to me – the multiple file upload in WordPress now works like a charm. Means I can upload all the photos for a post in one swell food, going back to insert them in their proper places as I get to that portion.

British School Slipover

The front and back are now finished. I just have to find a 3,5mm needle that is short enough for the armhole and neck ribbing.
Body of British SlipOver now finished

Hodge Podge Sweater

Started a lot of years ago (certainly before I left for Kuwait, and it might even have been in Munich), I ran out of the white yarn. Then I found a few really ugly errors. Knit on the basic Odd Ball Sweater pattern (circa 1995), I was making it up as I went. The final straw was measuring and finding out it was about 20 cm bigger around than any kind of sanity would choose.

What I have for yarn

A reknit was in order. It will become Tubey from Winter 05 Knitty. Unfortunately, I can’t use the pattern construction since I have no idea how far I am going to get before running out of yarn. I don’t know about you, but I am way too old to have my stomach or belly button hanging out below a sweater hem.

Means that I will knit from the bottom up, then provisionally cast on the sleeves, working from the center out as I attach them to the live stitches on the top of the body. Wider stripes on the body and darker toward the bottom is my current plan, but my strategy is still random grab for the next colour. Yarn is handspun (and probably the last time I spun anything that could be knit on needles as large as 5,00mm).
restart on the bottom


We picked up the mail yesterday. I know that have the Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle on my bedstand. Her website is rather well done.


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  1. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the tip on the books. They look like fun to me!

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