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WWI – Veteran’s Day — 15 Comments

  1. yes, thank you for your service and for making the experience so much more real for a total outsider.

  2. The papers are full, just for a day, of stories about Vets, particularly the wounded warriors stories. These are not hard stories to find, because the Vets (wounded or not, deceased or not) and their families have amazing stories of courage and sacrifice and tragedy and joy. However, print space is less and less, reporters are fewer and fewer, and no doubt it is not the glamour beat that gets you in line for the Pulitzer. People are interested, however, and keen to know more, and many are keen to Do Something. (So, people make afghans and send Any Soldier cards and so forth. And war books are very popular.)

    Anyway, thanks for what you and your colleagues are doing, for all the sacrifices you are making and risks you are taking. You have our gratitude even though most of us don’t understand what the heck is going on.

    We pray for your safety, but in the long run the best safety is not to have wars. I pray that one day we can stop trying to problem-solve by blowing stuff and people up.

  3. Next year you become the veteran.

    Over that last decade here in the states, It has become a much more important day.

    Suggested reading if you didn’t read it in Q8. “A Peace to End All Peace.” Or how the UK Foreign Office had one or two people who managed to screw things up to the point that I am doubtful about the plowshares in my lifetime.

    Thanks for being there,

  4. The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.”

    –Calvin Coolidge,
    30th U.S. president,
    quoted for Veterans Day in the U.S., Nov. 11, 2010

  5. Well put. Thank you for your service and for all of our Brothers and Sisters-in-arms. May those that have gone before never be forgotten.


    “These things we do…that others may live”

  6. Or, in the words of my ancestors, “Cuiridh mi clach cur do charn” (I will put a stone on your cairn.)

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