Wrong number

After the last couple picture heavy posts – you are getting a break today. Attending the J P Morgan Medical Technology Conference is always interesting.

Looking around the audience at the different presentations today – there was a sea of dark suits. Perhaps a variety on the colors of the shirts, but it didn’t seem to matter to the few females among the herd of white males; the uniform of the day was a dark suit. A sprinkling of Asians were present. It didn’t matter, my red blazer was the only spot of color.

One other thing was quite noticeable. Obesity was almost absent. In spite of the increasing prevalence in the US – not this crowd. Out of the hundreds packing the Ballroom for the Keynote address – perhaps five counted as heavy and two as obese. That is it.

After a new session every 30 minutes all morning and early afternoon, I headed off to a conference at the Four Seasons. First, the address I was given was close, but not accurate. The next challenge was that the room number I was given was incorrect. Since I didn’t know who had rented the Suite – there was no way I could ask.

Giving up, I went to the Apple Store. Now, if I had remembered 15″ instead of 17″ every thing would have been completely ducky.


Now, it seems like every guy in the place is busy on his Blackberry. Not quite acceptable, but it doesn’t make noise or attract attention. I think the assumption everyone around them makes is that the activity is work related and therefore “ok.” Perhaps in another 10 years, I can knit in the meetings and not have anyone bothered. It is hard to consider knitting as work related.

Not as much progress on my vest as I would have hoped – 25 cm done. Planning on doing the armhole split around 32cm.

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