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  1. I just write it as though I was writing it for someone else, reviewing in my mind what I would like to be remembered for.

    We are not in the running for GO, so we can afford some honesty. 🙂

  2. given that I’m not ready to get down to business, I thought I might contribute some words to your evaluation that you evidently have to write for yourself????? Below are some words I thought of — then I decided to get really smartass and copy from the thesaurus for you! ha ha!

    The “on the button” and “on the nose” (below) don’t sound like military lingo —- this is what happens when TriCare calls at 4:30 am…..


  3. It made me so very happy to hear of your writing your OER (thanks for the defn!) cos that means you are in your final weeks! Hurray!!!!

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