Would you believe 14?

It is the little things that matter, drive you nuts, just leave you standing there with your head shaking. Like why did the cleaning person shut all the doors in the place? Every last freaking door – 7 of them.

Ok, I might just need to back up a moment. Mentioned, didn’t I, that I am living in temp quarters that belong to the Mess?

It seems that staying here has the same support as the Mess – they are responsible for maintenance, That includes cleaning services. Really! The nice lady comes into scrub, polish and hoover a couple of times a week.

Perhaps she closes the doors as she finishes an area as a visual reminder a room is finished? I don’t have a clue.

But coming in last night to the front entry and being confronted by emptiness and closed doors was a bit upsetting. Not the way I left, making it obvious that someone had been there.

It also make the small place feel unfriendly & uninhabited. Just an empty location punctuated by white, shiny, closed doors.

Everything was quiet. I had to take a deep breath before cracking open a door and peering into the lounge.

After all – you shut doors to keep monsters in.

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2 Responses to Would you believe 14?

  1. AlisonH says:

    I laughed at that last line–it wasn’t what I expected! Messy kids rooms are monsters indeed to tackle.

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