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  1. A recent SciAm article explained how America’s appalling neglect of its poor has caused a resurgence in numerous diseases and parasites that are now spreading to far wealthier communities – bed bugs anyone?


    • Yep –

      as we progress – we fall further and further behind. The gap between wealthy and everyone else. The other phenomena of note is the expectation that it is up to the “really wealthy” (read Gates, Zuckerberg and the like) to be charitable and to tackle large scale problems that reasonably fall into the purview of government responsibility

  2. re: your outstanding papers

    You might find that even devoting just five minutes a day to those outstanding papers could transform them in just a week or two from smelly garbage into something doable without excessive effort. Since you’re only looking for a pass and with your mitigating circumstances, there is a good chance your profs will be very lenient.


    • It really seems that way at the senior level – a lot of hand wringing and finger pointing as well

  3. re: your rant regarding HepA and I must say I am in agreement with you. It sounds to me just like political posturing to make themselves look like they are doing something and that they care.

  4. Paul Farmer and Partners In Health and his prescriptions in Haiti for a solid floor and non-leaking roof over the sick person’s head. Yup.

    • it is just the little things. And, as we all were told – go wash your hands.

      which means you have to have water to start with

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