WordCamp UK

Up the streets, through the train station and out onto the pedestrian zone. Up Cannon Street is the Studio.

the studio

Now add 40-60 individuals with varying levels of geekness and you have a pretty good idea of the crowd sitting comfortably around tables in an upstairs conference room. Laptops on the tables hooked into the conveniently placed power strip under each, I found myself by luck sitting with five other Mac users plus the video/photo’er for the conference. (Down side – Benjamin is from Camberley, near the Jolly Farmer Round-a-bout and he drove. Nothing like finding out that if either of you had been a bit smarter, you could have had a ride.)

The venue is terrific; open, airy and a great coffee maker. Add in a variety of muffins and I was a happy camper. I didn’t even bother with lunch.

Topics today ranged from a run down of some essential plug-ins, SEO (search engine opitimization), through use and responsibility of bloggers vis a vis journalism and use of Word Press as a complete platform, not just as a blog.

An evening detour through the Royal complete with quizes and a bit of music topped off the day.

Now if I just had a clue about all the Twitter jokes …..


Back completed on this garter stitch baby jacket and the right front now on the needles.

Baby Garter Jacket

Baby Garter Jacket

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  1. I’d though of sending a lift share e-mail, but didn’t think there would be any one local – Next time I’ll know and send one out any way.

    It was great to meet you, and to find another Camberley blogger – local blogger meet soon – local bloggers unite!!!

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