LaQuinta Inn – Jessup, MD

Ms Soprano and the four footed blond arrived safe and sound.

George had driven them to the airport in Frankfurt this morning their time. Checking them in at his ticket counter (something about being that frequent a flyer means that they are willing to let him use the VIP lane to take care of family members even when he is not flying.

On my end, I had spent the morning repacking all of the boxes of her “stuff” which had been unceremoniously dropped off at Carmen’s. Condensing them down just by doing a more efficient job of packing wasn’t all that hard. Loading them into the van wasn’t even all that difficult.

The Hertz rental people were extremely nice and apologetic. They obviously had not expected the almost new van I had rented to start flashing a “maintain me and give me oil” light at me shortly after I left the airport. Certainly it made sense not to drive it to Chicago without relieving its anxiety. And, while I was at it, I got to swap for a van that was not all fancy electronics…. The very nice guys in the return yard moved the boxes for me, adjusted the seat and let me leave the loaded van there while I went and met the flight.

It might have been a pain to switch vans, but I didn’t have to pay for the extra fuel or parking while doing picking up the blonds so I probably came out ahead.

We hit the road for the first hotel. I am wiped, the daughter just finished up her emails and the four-footed one is bored.

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One Response to Woof

  1. Susan says:

    Totally understand

    We get to Chicago a fair amount so let us know if she needs anything and how we can get in touch with her

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