The flight to Detroit was full.

The flight to Frankfurt was full. Added to the joy of crying babies were a number of teenagers returning home from an exchange program. Flight never did quiet down. I knit, tried to sleep. I am not sure what is with the design on the cattle class seats on NWA, but I can’t sleep in them or even sit comfortably. Perhaps too much lumbar curve? Even leaning up against the teen (boy child, referred as the Mole by his sisters) I only caught a few winks.

Since I hadn’t managed to sleep more than a few hours here and there, I was not in the best of moods on arrival in Frankfurt.

There I am, saying good-bye to the kids. I have my backpack, suitcase…I don’t have my jacket. Mole, says I, did you take my jacket down from the overhead compartment.

He looks at me tiredly. No, doesn’t think so.

I traipse back to the check in counter. Yes, they have found my jacket – go back through to lost and found to claim.

This means security again, complete with an inspection of my suitcase since I have no one to leave it with. Just very glad, at the moment that I do not have any liquids in the suitcase (checked baggage here, shall we talk about my nice expensive scissors that they decided I could keep?).

There is almost no one left in Baggage Claim E. The poor woman at the counter is stressed out of her mind. She tells me so. And wants to know why I am there.

Check in counter sent me. They say you have my jacket.

No, it is at the gate.

Can I go there?

No, why are you here?

Because the check-in counter sent me. I can go back to the gate if you let me.


She finally slams off and walks to the gate herself, coming back with my jacket.

She is stressed. Her counter handles British Airways. Enough said.

In my pocket is one of my passports……

Check-in on Lufthansa was easy in comparison. Even standing in the security line for 45 minutes didn’t phase me a bit.

Nor did the bus ride from Heathrow to Feltham, the train and the train or the walk from the station.

I just was glad to get home.


13 Kippot

13 of them in a pile, waiting on finishing and blocking. Not a bad output for the flights.


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  1. kv says:

    have a wonderful passover!!

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