Winding Down

Ok, I know that today is Friday – I can figure out that much. It also must mean that yesterday was Thursday.

See? I can get it together once in a while.


It was about 1400 when my migraine meds wore off enough that I was coherent. Or thought I was coherent – I didn’t ask either Ms Soprano or the DH if I was. Anyway – we headed downtown as someone (not me) needed jeans that were not going to fall off her bum due to serious successful weight loss. While we were at it, the thought was to drop off boots for re-soling.

(Insert comment here about Betriebsferien. For you non-German speakers, the effect is that they were out of office, closed up till after the first of the year).

We found jeans, a winter jacket and a lot of socks, leggings, tights, belts and slippers). I think the lady ringing them up kind of arched her eyes a bit, but since the collection was going to cover five adults I didn’t think we had done too badly.

Once home, I think I crawled back to bed at some point.

Oh, yes – I forgot – I also made a trip to the grocery store.

Isn’t my life just so exciting (grin).

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