Yesterday I spent time trying to find Wilhelmsplatz in the Weststadt on my way to the Striktreff. Walked around and just did not find it. That area of the city has a number of winding streets and extremely limited parking so exploring on foot is the only sensible way to go.

What is even more sensible? Five minutes on Google and I found a Geocache site which listed all the free bookshelves in Germany by region. Since one of the listings actually had something useful (1 Wilhelmsplatz had already been a bust) I was able to take the grid coordinates and find where the shelf was actually located. Since it is partly sheltered by a building, it is no wonder that I didn’t see it.

The other key of course was to use the proper Google. Not everyone in the world wants to give up their umläuts (or is it umlaüts?) so that searching on buecherregal found zip. However – Bücherregal found them all.

So all those books which I had carefully added to Bookcrossing and signed out to Neugasse went to Wilmhelmsplatz instead. There was room on the shelves, they were fairly well organized and I think someone there might appreciate books just a bit newer.

In anycase – they are OUT of my house!

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