– do I want to do knit this one? Wicked is looking pretty good to me. Quick, simple and a chance to use up some more yarn (grin). It might be a break from all the 3,00mm stranded colour work or the 2,5mm socks on the needles. Or from all the cardigans with steeks. It would really great over a turtleneck…

    – do I want to get started on a shawl for the eldest? I have been thinking about Swallowtail as one possibility but there are a lot of lovely choices. I don’t want a pattern so complicated that I can’t memorize it. And this is certainly not the time to take on a mystery shawl.

    – do I want to start one of the vest/sweaters that I have been planning.

Or should I be a good kid and start the sleeves for the Viking?
body of the Viking Ship completed

Or put Tubey together?

Tubey Body

(and I finished up the arms quite a while ago.) Somehow I am having a block about this. In actuality, it probably would take me under two hours to have the whole thing put together, ends woven in and on the blocker.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a sweater, just not able to do that last couple of hours of knitting and finishing?

I am wondering if it is because I am worried about the fit, whether or not I will like it. Or maybe I have just gotten too bored with the project?

Or maybe I am just looking at too many wonderful new projects out there to be interesting in completing anything that I can’t wear now. Startitis is a really bad disease. All of you really need to stop tempting me with all your wonderful projects; it makes mine seem so boring.

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One Response to Wicked?

  1. amandaj says:

    Wicked would be a good antidote for sweater blues! You would knock it over in about an hour with your amazing knitting prowess!!

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