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why am I here? — 8 Comments

  1. Now you know why my 1996 summary of the place was that they were able of handling E-1 and below.

  2. Oh!
    I thought you had to do something even more bureaucratic — I thought you had to check out of your past deployment in England by going to Georgia! ha ha
    May you be sealed for a good, safe and healthy year.

  3. I say make the most of it, especially the quiet! I think Yom Kippur starts today does it not? (It is Friday here already.) Monday will come soon enough!

  4. I want to be on your update list. I’ll email you as well, to remind you, since you already know my email!! Happy knitting and reading while you wait.

  5. I’m sorry I’m too far from Columbus to “rescue” you for the holiday. But at least the weather is absolutely fabulous this week and you can enjoy some of your downtime and the holiday with some wonderful southern fresh fall air.

  6. It *is* helpful to hear the details. The flip side is what would it
    cost if the Army did NOT do it this way.

  7. Sounds particularly frustrating! Thankfully you have your knitting!

    Why didn’t they allow you to arrive at a time that would have fit into their schedule??