Whit whatever

It is a German, EU holiday and probably a bank holiday in the UK. It can’t be Whitsun – because that falls on Sunday (well, duh). But for those who are familiar with many US federal holiday habits, it would be a shame not to give people a Monday off. Especially since this is June and everyone needs a Monday off in June, right?

What it really means is that I have a household full of people with no where to go and not wanting to do anything. We have a dead bed which the Mole is dismantling for me. I have plenty of things to sort out in the “office,”the studio,” and let us just leave it with my bedroom organization has not survived several trips by both of us. It needs a few hours of sorting and putting away.

I think the key may still be the storeroom downstairs, but I am not sure that I am that brave.


Meanwhile – it it project completion day. Three knitting projects – two versions of Solo (Hanne Falkenberg) and Leaf Lace (Evelyn Clark) not that most of you cared.

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3 Responses to Whit whatever

  1. Linda M says:

    I love the two greys in the second Solo. Are you going to stay home for a while one of these days?

  2. Beverly says:

    Not a public holiday here – we had one at the beginning of May and one at the end (Late Spring Bank Holiday – formerly Whitsun).

    We had a warm April but so far May and June have been cold up here. I still have the winter quilt on the bed. The plants in the garden are bemused, and “climate change” has superceded “global warming” which doesn’t have a very convincing ring to it round here.

  3. Cat says:

    Actually there is something called Whit Monday as well but it is no longer referred to as such in the UK – just a Bank Holiday. It will soon reach a point where mentioning anything Jewish or Christian will be considered to be politically incorrect. Christmas Day was not a holiday in South Australia last year. The Premier, who took the day off and celebrated with family, refused to make it one – although he did give everyone a holiday for a horse race this year…go figure – most people celebrate Christmas and do not go to the races.

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