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  1. Hi Holly! Glad you chose Silver Belle. That’s the one I was thinking of doing but let my husband put in his two cents’ worth and he chose the Drops Cabled Sweater. I’m easy to get along with. Eventually I’ll probably knit all those sweaters.
    I vote for Inky or Conifer. Although you’d need better light (if that’s a consideration for you) if you decide to go with Conifer.
    The shawl is lovely!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful shawl! And I was wincing at the 12mm needles, and then ah, you too. Hope it finishes in good time anyway.

  3. So far there are two votes “fur” the Sooty (grey) Cat says that cats don’t do fur’en colors, or perhaps they just don’t see them. The Eldest agrees with her, more on the grounds that she doesn’t think I would wind up wearing any of the other colors.

    I also found the Spinach color, which, obviously is the color of Spinach. I can do green in the AS, but not sure that I would ever wear something of green. The Inky is still under consideration.

  4. I guess it depends on what you’re going to wear the sweater with. The natural and grey are always safe but perhaps “safe” is not what you want. What color shows the pattern best? Personally I like the dark color–the one furthest on the right.

  5. That one is the conifer. I am not sure that I am looking for safe, but unfortunately I do want to be able wear it with stuff…..

  6. Still going for the grey – conifer at a pinch (but I am not sure how well it would show the pattern). The other two would be completely wrong – do not see you wearing either colour anyway.
    Leif is looking good too.
    Shawl is lovely – but all those nupps! Wow!

  7. I like the tweedy teal best when I think of it for myself. For you, I’d rank it light grey, dark gray, cream, teal, then the lilac would be dead last. That’s a color for blondes!

  8. That teal blue is very nice. It would look great with black, denim, white or khaki. I think it would be practical as well as lovely.

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