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Today was supposed to be Lisbon. Didn’t happen. Instead the water pilots announced they were going to have a strike. Given that the ship has to make a commitment at least 36 hours in advance to meet the security and Schengen guidelines (all those non-EU personnel on board) an alternate port was chosen. Just realized last night that this may well affect the stop in the Azores since the strike there has been carefully timed for 2 days after we were to be in Lisbon (day at sea, day in port …)

Instead we are stopping in La Coruña which turns out to be a perfectly reasonable place to visit, especially since the skies seem to like a mild sprinkling at no particular intervals.

At this point, we still don’t know if we are stopping in the Azores or not, but there is at least free WiFi in the local mall.

Anyway – areas of this town vary between tasteless modern through interesting Victorian to old and crumbling. We walked back and forth in the pedestrian area without any particular design or pattern. There are frescoes, tiles, interesting doors, arches, balconies and windows.

As always, clicking on pictures a couple of times will cause a larger version to load. The early pictures were taken about 0700 this morning. Even though Spain is on European Daylight time, it is still far enough west to have it be significantly dark in the morning. At the same time, it will be fine tonight since dinner time will well over before sundown. The rest of the pictures were just taken by wandering around the city.


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