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  1. There is another point to consider, too. Outside domestic cats are a large part of the reason for the steep decline in songbird populations. The Bewick’s wren, one of my favorites, a tiny, friendly bird with a huge voice and vocal repertoire, likes to nest close to the ground and close to human habitation and so is now essentially extinct on the East Coast, with fewer than a dozen individuals found from Maine to Florida at a bird count a year or two ago. The only healthy population left is a pocket of them in northern California, whereas they used to be spread across the 48 states. Cats have been blamed by biologists for much of the loss.

    • Also the increase in toxoplasmosis, but we won’t go there either. Considering the sturdiness of seagulls – I don’t think they are at risk from cats – either domestic or feral. And the place was certainly over run with pigeons (feathered flying rats).

      Outside overfed cats are not a kindness to either that animal or any in their surroundings….

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