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It started with fog early this morning.

I need to blame something and the fog will do just as well as anything else. Peasoup outside when the cab came to the door right before seven in the morning.

I was packed, except for loading a couple of eBooks onto a memory stick to transfer from the PC to my MAC. I had even managed to rip another Robert Crais novel and had topped the Zune close to capacity. Preparation for being able to charge, but not load for the next couple of weeks. Pulled the Zune, threw it in with my knitting and headed out.

At Heathrow, we find that our flight has been changed. To one almost an hour earlier; our flight no longer exists. The fog is not just England, but Frankfurt is socked in as well. Breakfast in the Senator’s lounge while waiting for this 0905 flight, which becomes 1020, 1030, 1045.

Since our connecting flight was leaving Frankfurt at 1230, you can guess what happened next.

Exactly. Rerouted from Lufthansa to Turkish Airways. The good thing was the flight was not full. The ugly thing about the morning to this point was that I never did get to check prices on a wide angle camera lens.

Having read the directions ahead of time, we stop at the Visa window and fork over $20 each prior to attempting passport control. Most of the other Americans in line were not so fortunate and had to recycle first through the Visa line followed by a repeat adventure in what could have passed for a disorganized bus queue.

Dragging from fatigue (no clue why I am tired, I only got three hours of sleep last night and have done nothing today but sit here and there) we find the baggage carousel. There are a few suitcases going round and round.

I spot first one, then a second one of ours.

We checked three bags.

Turkish Airways said it was a Lufthansa problem. Lufthansa checked their system, and they think the bag was turned over to Turkish Airways.

Meanwhile, our ship leaves tomorrow. We have my husband’s suitcase and the small bag containing shoes, my handknit socks, one blouse, one sweater and my extra knitting. My suitcase, with all my clothes, is missing.

Honestly? I think someone walked off with it.

Did I mention that I spent the day without music? When I pulled out the Zune – it told me, complete with little starburst lights, that it was completed with syncing. And that is all it did for hours. I had to let it run totally and completely down in hopes that it would come back to its senses when recharged.

Guess the warning is that it is worth closing the software, removing the player, then restarting the software if there are still podcasts to be downloaded.


On the plus side – the lounge in Frankfurt had a wonderful carrot-ginger soup, and over the day, I managed to knit 1/2 a sleeve (garter stitch the long ways on 3.00 needles complete with a lot of short rows) and read two books. This is the Mermaid – in purple, no less.

The hotel has free wi-fi. And I am exhausted.

Tomorrow I am going to need to find some clothes. If I do that – my suitcase might show up. If I don’t, I am going to be pretty sick of these jeans over the next two weeks……

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