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    • As much as I hate taking meds – nausea, especially uncontrolled is so much worse. Figuring on getting as much done as I can before the post-prednisone crash occurs…

  1. Sounds like a good attitude for a less than ideal situation. Perhaps the cruise worked wonders?
    Is that a sock I see?

    • Hat – Exeter off Ravelry. I would feel really badly for any one with a leg that thick. Might make a simple cowl with the left overs…

    • Not yet, but I am not hearing angel’s wings or a heavenly choir either so I think I am safe. Oh – wait a minute – wrong queue!

  2. Constantly thinking of you.

    Are they thinking this treatment will shrink the tumors and eventually render them operable?

    I’m simply amazed at your energy.

    • Nah – surgery is never going to be a possibility due to location. Major blood vessels (think aorta and vena cava) are best left alone.

      we will see how much energy I really have when the Prednisone wears off…

  3. Hope things are going well. Glad you got in a cruise, which sounded like a nice break from being a patient.

    Goes without saying that I hope that the treatment is doing its job and that you will have some very positive results.

  4. Thinking of you alot and sending positive energy your way. Glad you made it thru the first day…great that you didn’t have to do it on Ground Hog Day!

    You certainly seem to be dealing with the stress of it all very well. I am heartened to know that so many members of your family are around you and can lend support and strength.

  5. Adventure it is! Might as well treat it as such. You’ll have stories to share for years. The Hubz and I decided many years ago that, as long as you weren’t desperately ill, every thing was an adventure. Not the easy peasy stuff, but all the weird, uncomfortable, sometimes nasty stuff was an adventure. Gives you a sense of control over the uncontrollable. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

    I hope you are home and comfy and knitting and stitching.

  6. Reframing is the key!
    In the end it will be good.
    If it’s not good, it’s not the end.

  7. Best wishes on the next phase of your treatment. It’s always darkest before the dawn they say.

  8. As not unexpected from you, a powerful and insightful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing both monsters and faith.

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