Vigo Spain

I was going to write this fabulous post about hiking Vigo, seeing everything from the Citadel and then a mile further out to the Museum. Treating you to interesting photos of old buildings and gardens. What I hadn’t counted on was rain. Buckets and power hoses full of water all come crashing down on the heads of unsuspecting tourists. Instead you will have to settle for what I took from the ship. Shana and I wandered through the mall pictured. Important to note was a huge Desigual shop and a lovely coffee shop where we found Latte’s and free Wifi.

Like Gijon yesterday, the original settlement is old but gained prominence because of its harbor. With a population of around 300k, the main industries are related to maritime (I will toss tourism into that category).

It is Galicia. Looking around,  I realize I was here once, back in 1972 while traveling on my Eurail pass. Falling asleep I rode across most of Spain in the night and washed up here in the morning on the Spanish Portuguese border. Forty years later, there are some modern buildings but otherwise this is a working person’s port rather than a gem of architectural beauty.

Skipping the mandatory churches and cathedrals which are present in all towns and cities of this region, the main site is the citadel high above the town guarding the long narrow harbor (3 miles at the widest point and almost 20 miles long).

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2 Responses to Vigo Spain

  1. Lorette says:

    I rather like the photos with the rain, but I suppose that’s why we always go to Europe in the fall, and why we live in the Pacific NW.

  2. AlisonH says:

    Rain. I remember what that is.

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