Valentine’s Day

The topic is pretty obvious, isn’t it? One of those mandatory holidays that Hallmark (for entirely business sensible reasons) has spread around the world. When you stop and think about it, many national holidays are about religion, death, war and remembrance.  This one no longer really relates to any of the above.

Wikipedia, of course, has a detailed article on the history, development and current customs of the holiday around the world. Most of the European traditions are covered here – a combination of holidays related to local saints and imported from the US customs.  Although with its origins in Christian Religious Tradition – except for a few locations, all of that has been overcome by commercialism.

What should not be surprising is that 85% of cards are purchased by women, or that men often grab candy and flowers on the particular day. In Germany – you can always by large Lebkuchen Hearts decorated with icing.

Ok – all of that speaks to your location (and can serve as a reminder if you have not yet figured out what to do for your love/partner/spouse). I think most of us are beyond the “commercial box of Valentine’s Cards” for everyone in the classroom of elementary school.

My location?  What about here? There was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day 5 K yesterday morning which was cancelled because of slush on the road (even the fanatics agreed that it was not safe to be running in ice water at 0530 in the morning. I should have gotten up, just to get the t-shirt, never mind that my feet would have been soaked just getting out to the main road).

There was nothing marking anything at the DFAC this morning, but a couple of people dropping off kids style cards on everyone’s desk. Another celebration option enjoyed by many is wading through 32 pages of Valentine’s greetings and personal messages in the Stars and Stripes (Feb 13 Mid East Edition) looking for people you know or hopefully at least entertaining ads.

Otherwise it is a Monday – with paperwork, deadlines and more of the same that has been happening for the last five months…  and a batch of us headed to the UAE DFAC this evening for Mideastern food. A husband on a plane to the US West Coast, three kids in school and one on the job fills out  Isn’t normalcy grand?

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Diane says:

    Holly, you have really hit the nail on the head!!! Brilliant!

  2. Mary says:

    Happy. Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Such as it is.((hugs))

  4. Carmen says:

    Most of the holidays are driven by advertizing now. The religious connection is pretty dim – maybe still there in Europe?

  5. Berg says:

    Ground hog day

  6. Mark says:

    Happy V-Day

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