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If you have been looking for % bars – let me recommend the elegant solution by Yarn Tomato. A simple script makes bars in the colour and % of your choice. Her explanations are clear and easy to follow. She also provides links to where you can find the code for the particular colour that you want.

For straight text buttons – there is Adam Kalsey’s Button Maker. There are several commercial packages out there (read, costs money).

For those of you who want to support Ravelry for the great work they are doing – head to the site and make a donation. As proof – well – Angeluna has made some great Ravatars for your button pleasure.

A slightly nutty but fun group of people who like Icons can be found at IconBuffet. A free site where you can register, send, receive and otherwise play with icons. They also have stock Icons for sale, not surprisingly. I have been contemplating cranking up the graphics program and creating a set of knitting/spinning/weaving icons.

That is, of course if I was any good at graphics programs.

It has been another quiet day. Major meeting at work, other wise just piddly things.

Didn’t turn on news, radio, audio book or DvD. Didn’t knit either.  Just read a couple of quick books and conking off to sleep.

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  1. amanda j says:

    Oh dear! If you aren’t reading, listening or knitting – can everything be okay with the world??

    I would like to include % bars but they never seem to work. I will have a go this weekend. By the way, over to the right at the moment, I am getting the little red x saying I can’t view your images.

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