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  1. I am so impressed I can’t stand it! I’m right in the middle of shoveling out my “study.” Two people (guys–Adam and one of our friends) are coming next weekend 23-25. Have to put Adam in my study. Have to find not only the floor but the bed.

  2. WOW Holly – I am SO impressed!

    Maybe there is hope for my house! OTOH, you and yours aren’t here!


  3. you have more stuff in there than I own! I have no furniture, but I do have stuff.
    What does one do with a room full of stuff? I havent figured it out…..

  4. You deserve a medal for bravery for posting those pictures! I like a story with a happy ending – thanks!

  5. No, that’s not a hoarder…a real hoarder wouldn’t have been able to get to where you got! Congrats!

  6. Congratulations on a job (or jobs) well done. Never had a doubt but what it would all come together.

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