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  1. wow, sounds like a yummy dinner! I’d make that hike every week or so if others wanted to join me.

    Going to a different dining FAC seems to be part of getting to know one’s surroundings. It is the next step after your earlier correspondence about new surroundings becoming familiar. It seems to me that once the setting is familiar and the work routines established the details and local textures begin to slowly emerge. Now that you are more or less comfortable/established in your job and your side of the base you can devote a little bit of psychic and physical energy to uncovering some of the details within the somewhat familiar world in which you find yourself.

  2. Why can’t the US learn a few lessons from the other DFACs? I also bet the meat choices at the UAE was hallal (which could pass as kosher for most, as it works the other way for muslems).
    Bon Appetite, and Happy Hanukkah

  3. Sounds like a delightful respite from totally American cuisine. It’s obviously somewhat difficult maintaining a vegetarian diet in any military environment; maintaining a kosher vegetarian diet even more difficult.

  4. I’d be eating there 3 nights a week. Hope they don’t notice you enough to decide to ban women from some nights.

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