Triple Serpent

Not taking any chances yesterday afternoon, I wandered around looking for a ride today.

There is this conference (but we can’t call them conferences because apparently regulations don’t allow funding of conferences. One can fund exercises, so large scale meetings where you try to stay awake through speakers and powerpoint presentations are labeled EXERCISES and so are funded. Go figure, I can’t).

In any case, this one was being held in South Hampton. That is not where I am working. In order to have secured billeting (and thus have been expected to be at last night’s social gathering plus tonight’s formal dinner) I would have had to know about this months ago. Billeting is full. The Force Development crew decided that commuting was better as that involves sleeping in one’s own bed. Since I don’t have to drive, it really works for me. Add in that I have knitting and I can be a happy camper going to and fro.

Except for the small matter of dropping stitches if the ride gets too bumpy….

Now if I had only remembered my MP3 player, my day would have been complete.

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