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  1. Wishing you all the best.

    We once drove … to Travis ….., I forget. I have wondered ever since how far we drove; it seemed like forever,
    Our children were babies and littles at the time and it was at nighttime but we all piled in and went, which contributed to the sense that those roads went on forever.

  2. Just got off the vision after a 16 night suez cruise from Venice. Now visiting here in Dubai, with a niece, for 6 days before heading home to Calgary.
    Just read all my emails. Sorry to hear of your medical woes. My thoughts and prayers will be for a successful treatment and recovery for you.

  3. i hope you know the pleasure you bring folks. i smile so often at something you write. and now a new/old journey…i hope you’re able to post as long as it’s worthwhile to you. and i wish you good health, good healing. thoughts and smiles are with you.

    • No, meters and meters of fabric sewn on a serger. This table is an insane 3 meter by 1 meter. No one makes tablecloths that size. Not even the Europeans…

  4. Really; even this Canadian has been to Travis or at least close to it. We took highway 12 while going to Six Flags. Its home to your heavy lifters Galaxy C5 . They were practising touch and goes as we drove by; surprised the heck out of us.

    Snow day here, all the school buses have been cancelled
    Looking forward to our ball game in June/July

  5. I hope all goes well, and the docs and techs are all amazing and brilliant.

    It is cold and raining here ( you would hate it)

  6. Hope your medical appointments have gone smoothly, and your attending physicians have met your expectations for breadth and depth of knowledge. Whatever your expectations may be.

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