traveling on holidays

I could have waited till after sundown tonight or tomorrow morning to drive back to Germany. After all, this is the woman who wouldn’t travel on Yom Kippur (remember that was mid-Sept because of the difference between the Hebrew and western calendars) last year. Well, that might be different. Making a point with the military is always worthwhile.

But George leaves for the US in the morning and I wanted to see him.

One of the things I did learn about the ferry is that a set time is not completely set. If there is room, you can travel one ferry ahead of when you have booked. You can also travel on the immediately following ferry from your time slot without paying a penalty. This, of course is if there is space.

I had thought about stopping at Dover Castle. According to everyone, it is well worth visiting but takes at least 4 hours to properly appreciate it. I elected to grab the 1200 ferry instead. My drive home was leisurely, not pushing the speed, not getting lost and – due to low traffic – not being annoyed by all the road construction.

I’ll forgive all transgressions against me and plan on a better year if you will do the same. May you be sealed in the book of life for a good, next year.

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