Traveling in comfort

Sitting in comfort as the German countryside flowed by my train window yesterday, I reflected on what a lovely husband I have. It is not just that he is willing to do kitchens and bathrooms, maintain a sense of humor inspite of our jobs pulling us in different directions, it is that he bought me a Bahn Card. On Sunday when we took Ms Maus to the train station he first got the discount card, then the round trip train ticket to München.

If it had been me, I would have gone ahead and booked a seoncd class ticket rather than pay what is a bit less than the normal second class full fare and sit in first class. So, instead of being crammed into second class with comfort comparable to sitting in ecomony on an airplance only with less lugage space, I relaxed, listened to my audio book and knit for three solid hours.

I will admit to cruising a few department store yarn shops downtown before taking the U-Bahn out to the SanAk.

And today, I managed to make it through the full day of lectures without a complete brain fry. I skipped the conference dinner. With 300+ people, they will not miss me at all and I can finish up that last 1/2 sleeve on Oragami. Found a yarn needle so I might even wear it tomorrow.



(and start a new project, tra la la la la la).

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3 Responses to Traveling in comfort

  1. Angeluna says:

    Great husband!!!

  2. The cat says:

    George understands you very well after all this time. You could hardly waste three hours of knitting time could you? 🙂

  3. Lorette says:

    He is a good husband. I’m married to one like that as well.
    And you made a good choice on the conference dinner. Most of those have awful rubber chicken style food. That plus you can’t knit.

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