Trains and rain

It doesn’t take any more time to walk from my house to the Blackwater Station than it does to hike into Camberley. In fact it might just be a few minutes shorter. Allowing for plenty of time, I cut through the Meadows and arrived on the Platform 17 minutes later.

If I was smart, I would skip the time I spent at Reading. Something about trains being canceled, someone trying to take off with my suitcase (the clothes don’t matter, the laptop does) and me almost getting on a train without it. Or, maybe I just forgot where I was sitting?

In anycase, my luggage and I finally managed to get on the 1141 to Cardiff.

Did I mention it was raining? That it didn’t seem worth wandering around the city in such weather so I bopped through to Cardiff Bay and the Future Inn.

duh, conference

duh, conference room

with its conference facilities, excellent restaurant, and modern rooms. As a conference location, it might be off the end of the earth but it was more than price worthy and lovely.



Knitting Update

Managed to almost complete the current scarf on the needles (Eunny Jang’s Print O’ the Wave ) in Regia Sock Cotton.

detail of scarf

detail of scarf


Blackhills – Nora Roberts
Demons are Forever – Simon R Green

Both of which are long, long books.

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