Train and Plane

Take a train. it might help if I had found my Bahn card. Get out at Frankfurt Airport. Find out that the seat you have is actually an isle seat.

In fact, it is in the plus section of the British Airways flight. That portion where the seats are leather, two abreast and wide enough to be comfortable and leg room enough to move your knees.

Rescuing my bag at Terminal 5, the bus was prompt, the train not so much and I dragged through the gates at the Academy ground in mid afternoon obviously long past the major 10 am meeting.

According to the rest of the staff, the meeting never got past the second item on the agenda before completely degenerating, so I don’t regret at all missing the meeting.

The house is a disaster, compounded by suitcases, packages which arrived in the mail and off spring who didn’t clean up the kitchen.

All is normal.

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