Traffic Patterns

There I was, minding my own business and driving along what was supposed to be a familiar road.

Well, guess what? Someone has gone and upgraded, improved and otherwise fixed that road in the last few years. My few years, BTW, include everything from 1993 on. No clue why I expected the roads, turns, interchanges and signs to be the same, but I did.

As a result, my quick “over the bridge and through the woods” to Helen’s house wound up involving a frolic and detour into Aspen Hills. She lives no where near that particular town. Of course, all this might have also been caused by the fact that I was driving from a different direction and confused New Hampshire Avenue with Route 29 in my mind.

I did get to see new housing developments, got stuck in some road construction and otherwise wiled away a perfectly good hour of knitting time getting from here to there.

Things just aren’t supposed to change. We all forget that we are not really the center of anyone’s universe other than our own. And they certainly weren’t supposed to re-do a huge chuck of Rockville Pike near White Flint Mall making it look completely different and causing me to drive in circles. Just as evil as moving G Street Fabrics.

I think I have gotten old…..

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4 Responses to Traffic Patterns

  1. Alison says:

    What! They changed the Pike! How dare they!

    Just don’t get in the wrong lane near the freeway or you end up on it
    even when you don’t want to.

  2. Isobel says:

    Now THAT* was just nasty!

    (moving G Street Fabrics)

  3. Chere says:

    Moving G Street Fabrics…. Groan

  4. Helen says:

    The world changed forever Sept 11th. Time stands still for no one

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