traffic on my street

It starts just before 0600 with a stream of headlights reflecting off my bedroom ceiling. Clearly visible in the now dark mornings, these cars carry British officers off toward their duty at various locations around London. That kind of privilege, car and driver, just amazes me but explains the housing out in the middle of nowhere and families who manage easily on one car in an area with less than ideal train connections. Of course, the children seem to be off at boarding during the week, but that is another story all together.

Me? I live only about a mile from work. I can walk, bicycle, or drive. I picked the later this morning after spending the hour from 0700-0800 listening to Captain’s Share while hill climbing on the treadmill. I have found it pays to be at the gym when it opens since the cadets come blasting in around 0730. Since they have priority during the duty day, I can finish up just as they are done with drills and thrills.

Did I mention that Army/Navy is closing their notions department? 50% off seemed reasonable on some very nice buttons when I strolled over on my lunch break. Nothing fancy here, but a solid stock of Rowan (which means a great price on silky tweed if I can justify it to myself).


Fäfner is on hold for the moment till I decide if I go on or frog. This yarn just does not seem to be exactly the right thing for the pattern. Too blah.

Meanwhile, I am keeping myself entertained with one of the Drops Cardigan patterns in a fingering weight yarn. Garter stitch. Seems like there seems to be this Scandinavian tendency toward garter stitch… Rather than knit 5-6 pieces, this will be another exercise in origami. except for the sleeves: garter stitch in the round is just too painful.

Fabel in color 522

Fabel in color 522

and did you notice? Not grey, red, or black……

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