I know that you have heard this rant before. There absolutely has to be genetics involved. Or at least the absence of a Y chromosome and age past teen years.

You would not think it was such a hard thing to accomplish: the taking off of an empty roll, opening a package and placing a brand new roll on the hanger. Doesn’t take skill past that of the average 3 year old, or maybe a two year old if the number of rolls lost to kittens and toddlers is any indication.

Classic appearance

Classic appearance

In the presence of an open package, the process should become even easier.

Open Package

Open Package

So why is it that mothers seem to be the only ones in a household capable of hanging a new roll of toilet paper? Who don’t find it impossible to go beyond the laziness of plunking the new role down on the toilet back, the floor or the nearest handy surface?

the reality of upstairs

the reality of upstairs

I think it was a mother at wits end who came up with the idea of super-sized rolls just to decrease the hassle. Double size rolls should mean half the incidence of the above noted nuisance, right? Instead, I have noticed that the consumption of toilet paper has increased. Perhaps it is the impression that the roll is so big it will last forever or some other factor beyond my ken.

The end result is almost as many empty cores as before gracing the bathroom at close to double the expense. It boggles the mind which needs to turn to knitting for sanity.


This ball of yarn –

Noro Silk Garden #265

Noro Silk Garden #265

is destined to become this hat (for those of you who are on Ravelry).


.Blood Noir – Laurel Hamilton. Amazingly enough, this one actually has a story line separate from sex and violence. I really don’t remember Anita being such a wimp and so doubt filled. I wonder if the author is trying to make her a bit more real and sympathetic. Instead, she has lost some of the good character points while not gaining much of anything.

On the Speakers

In the Wake of the Wind – David Arkestone.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Ah yes….only yesterday was commenting on the combination of age and presence of Y chromosome regarding certain issues. Sigh. Around here everyone but the dogs and I have the chromosome in question, and sometimes even age doesn’t help solve all of the issues. The Noro looks good, should be seeing that hat in no time. The way you knit, sparks must fly from the needles!

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