We all like toys, don’t we?

Usually my toys are knitting items. But I have new toy that is not (knitting related that is). After watching George, then Dani have fun with their JawboneUps I decided I needed one. Well, wanted one anyway. The DH promised he would bring me one back from the US last month (or maybe it was the month before) but ran out of time. The cost in Germany is quite a bit higher and I was being “frugal.”

Finally decided to order one and have it waiting in Chicago along with other a few other things when I arrived here this week.

It is a hoot. You have to enter some basic personal data (height, weight, age, gender) and it seems to track motion enough to give you an estimate of exercise (distance) for the day. It doesn’t see the difference between level and steps so if anything the amount of calories burned will be an under-estimate.

Still, it is fun and encourages you to both move and track your food. You could also form a team which means that the others can see what you are doing. Or not as the case maybe.

This is not a sales pitch but it is certainly starting to sound that way.

Any who – because I was hauling Dani around to the Social Security Office (2.5 miles each way), attempting to find an ATM that didn’t charge (1 mile each way twice), heading to LoopyYarns (~1mile each way) and up to the DMV (~1.8 miles each way) I wound up logging in a lot of miles.

Not too many calories according to the program which means it doesn’t take certain things into account, but lots and lots and lots of steps.

Oh – just basic black to coordinate with everything else. Is there a color other than black?

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