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One of the perks of spending too much time (which also means money) on a cruise line is that you get to do all sorts of extra stuff. In this case, I took the opportunity to get a tour on the actual ship bridge.

Yes, there is a Captain’s chair that is reminiscent of the Enterprise but no where near as fancy. First time I have also seen a couch, chairs and coffee table. Made the bridge seem a bit more homey (shades of Nathan Lowell’s Share series). There are duplicate sets of controls in both of those wings that stick out in front which are mostly used for maneuvers in port/locks where being able to see the actual side of the ship counts. The ship is not completely paperless yes since they still have hard copy maps although just about all plotting is done electronically. Paper is disappearing across the fleet in the next few years. There were only four of us in the tour. My other choice was the galley – I might just do that next week.

Then there was the backstage tour – hosted by the dance captain, sound guy and lead stage tech. Actually the best and most informative of the various stage tours I have taken. She talked about show development, training, costuming, staging and practices while on the ship.

The propaganda history film wasn’t worth seeing but the Captain’s Corner was actually excellent. One of the older Captains in the fleet (and, of course, Norwegian) he was clear, concise and had a full set of slides that were actually relevant to the ship providing more information and less “entertainment” which suited me just fine.

Given that I am not clearing off the ship tomorrow, packing is something that took all of 10 minutes (stuff in one suitcase, drawers in the backpack) and leave the rest on hangers).


I finished a hat this morning that I think I am going to keep for me before moving back the Underwater Garden Scarf that I started on the Epic and haven’t touched since. I was going to just eliminate the fancy part, but got hooked on the weird patterning so looks like I will delete a lot of the filler and keep the pattern.

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