First stop on this cruise is part of the British Virgin Islands. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Carmen and I found WiFi at a Cafe/Bookstore. For whatever reason, it is just far enough away from the port that we are the only ones present from either ship in port. Bollywood is streaming on the TV and the smell of Roti is making my mouth water.

Similar to the Bahamas, there are bright coloured houses and buildings everywhere. Mostly wooden structures, the combinations are interesting and just a shade or two off from primary. Walking down one of the streets, we have seen chickens, proud roosters, Peebles Hospital, the Supreme Court for the Virgin Islands and the local government headquarters.

I have managed to download some of my Coursera new lectures, mail out postcards and indulge in another couple of magnets. No clue what is planned for the rest of the day, but the thought of Indian food is very tempting.

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