Too many serials?

The alarm goes off at six this morning jerking me out of this horrible dream about wild things screaming in the night, my garbage cans burping out bloody body parts and police swarming around the front of my house. Having called them because I was scared witless by this monster attacking me, they want an explanation for why there are pieces of murder victims from across the country strewn on my drive way.

Yes, I know that today is garbage day and I needed to get up and take the trash cans and some left over shipping boxes to the curb before seven – but this is ridiculous. I must have been watching too many strange episodes of something on DvD combined with mentally trying to remind myself that I have missed several pickups for lack of having everything at the curb early enough.


Deciding that I needed to get going on the last pair – I decided on Mingus (Cookie A) so that it would be a bit of a challenge. Not sure when I talked myself out of doing another toe up pattern as practice for SKP2008 and Sockmadness, but it just sort of happened.
Anyway – taking my lovely merino fire and knitting for a bit – I have the twisted ribbing and the first 16 rows of the pattern. I normally knit this portion on 3 needles with the fourth in work. I just might go to five total so that I don’t have to track and count on the instep stitches.


Shawl-Collared Vest

Binding off the first shoulder, time to get the sewing machine set up for the steeks. The stripe pattern is just irregular enough not to bother me, and the restart with the wider steek area was the way to go.

I have made steady progress on this (and socks for the last two weekends) which means that Viking is languishing. But since I knit a couple of stitches every few days, it is still a WIP not a UFO.


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