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  1. Wow…you’re flaming on that Phoenix! (Iam soo witty) So I guess House is out, being both medical and nasty…eh?

  2. I agree. I niether like cliff hangers nor starting a series in the middle. I’d rather wait for the re-runs. I’m also usually please when I discover a books series several years after the first book is published. Reduces the anguish of waiting until that next one comes out.

  3. House is a show (medical) that actually does feature a negative and nasty main character. I do think it’s a perfect example of something difficult to watch… The Closer, on the other hand, I wouldn’t characterize the main character (Brenda) as being nasty – she definately does her job and doesn’t always take the time to explain every move to each person – she’s a southern woman who has moved to Los Angeles and works at the police department solving murder cases that seem impossible – she uses her instincts, training, knowledge and wit to get to the bottom of the cases…. it’s one of my favorite shows, probably for many reasons – one, I was there when the pilot was shot (a friend worked on the show) so I was able to see the daily footage from filming, the rough edits and the “preview” of the pilot…. two, I am from the south so I guess the idea of the southern in Los Angeles makes me smile… (since I am also living in L.A.) — it’s OK if you don’t like the show – we can’t all love the same things; that’s for sure – I still love you! 🙂

    good work on your phoenix sweater – it’s looking SO amazing… I’m still a bit paralyzed by the idea of taking on such a piece…

  4. I cant wait to see the phoenix finished, but this is no “hurry up call” it is just amazing andI probably have the attention span of a five year old, and would have to tink more than knit on such a project.

    Still it is tempting to see iy grow and think, I might be getting a go at such a project when self esteem has risen out of the pit it is in at the moment.

    Socks are not so big, and I feel comfy with them again, so there still is hope.

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