Time Flies

When you are having fun, organizing, running errands or packing.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Which is why it is actually the 20th and I am writing this note. I have my suitcases packed, the room mostly picked up and the dishwasher run. I think I can do everything remaining in less than 30 minutes.

Oh – what?

I am leaving town tomorrow again. Headed to Gatwick on a Lufthansa flight. From there it is the train to Guildford where I am going to inflict myself on my good friend Mary for the night. Following that frolic and detour I am headed to Southampton and Vision of the Seas.

Yes, I am sailing away again.

Have knitting, have cameras, have computers and eBook readers. Think I am all set. Oh, yes, I did put some clothes in the suitcase, just a few.

In case I don’t get another message out prior to sailing, I have put an itinerary post on auto-pilot on the blog.

Heidelberg for another five hours.

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1 Response to Time Flies

  1. Angeluna says:

    Holly, I simply can’t keep up with you. Talk about living life to the fullest! Now to see where you’re going this time.

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