Three strikes

or more and it is not just a question of being out – it is a question of hanging up the glove and spikes.

I am a strong fan of Murphy as well as the domino effect. Translates – once things start to go wrong or downhill, everything from there just accelerates the process.

Let me give you an example. This morning I had a whack of books to drop off at the MWR. I get to the MWR  and the bookshelves are now all blocked behind large comfortable chairs where the chess players sit. To get to the bookshelves you have to either crawl over people and chairs or be really rude.

So I take the books to the Dragon MWR. The book room is upstairs. Traipsing up I find the door is closed. The MWR staff has taken over the room for a meeting. It will be hours before I can drop off the books.

Ok, I stop at the Laundry. My stuff is not back. Going to my room, I drop off books and pick  up three boxes to go out in the mail. Hiking over to the Post Office – it is Sunday. It is not open till 1200…

Enough is enough. Getting back my sense of humor, I pull out a paperback from my cargo pocket and start reading. I have plenty of time over the next couple of hours to  visit with people also hanging out in line and to remind those stupidly yanking on the door that the Post Office isn’t open. (Please note – the hours are posted in rather large letters just at eye level. It is really obvious when you are pulling on the handle…)

Everything was rosier after that. Once I was in the Post Office it took less than five minutes. My second attempt to drop off books went well, errands were easily accomplished at the hospital and I made my afternoon meeting with the CMA (Cooperative Military Affairs) right on time spending a pleasant hour planning a feral dog abatement program.

I think I am going to slide out the door for the evening before my luck changes again!

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One Response to Three strikes

  1. Mary says:

    Clearly, you know Murphy’s Law. Do you know O’Brian’s?

    O’Brian’s Law = Murphy is an optimist!! 🙂

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