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They are all painted — 8 Comments

  1. I love brick. Nice red, ordinary brick. Preferably the darker colors, such as maroon, wine, more commonly found in the northeast. I can’t imagine why anyone would paint brick.

  2. Ordinarily I agree with you about painted brick. There is, however, one house on Layhill that has striping in the bricks. It is right at the intersection of Layhill and East Gate. Everyone I have talked to who hates painting brick thinks painting that brick would be a merciful thing!

  3. I used to watch Curb Appeal, a program about improving the outside of your house. They always painted the brick, which seemed odd to me. I totally agree…why add more maintenance to your home?! So, maybe it’s trendy.

  4. ‘m with you….real brick, no paint. But then…I have a riiculous fondness for both brick and stone walls…

  5. No, I actually did mean puke – as in bad paint job with multiple colors spotted and peeling

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