the Wind came up

The wind came up.

Doesn’t that sound like such an innocous statement? After all it is October and, north of the equater, late summer should start sliding into fall. Temperatures drop,the leaves turn, and the rains start.

Well, this is Afghanistan. A base camp at 5000+ ft. It might just be a bit different here, not like a reoutine autumn in Europe, the US, Canada. Certainly nothing like the Pacific Northwest.

That is where the wind comes in. Not just a mild breeze but strong enough to lift the dust and swirl it to meters in the air. Eddies and whorls obscure my vision and leave a nasty taste in the mouth. Stinging skin and eyes are now an issue for anyone without enough sense to wear eye protection. To the east the mountains are still visible but west and south the brown haze extends almost to the highest peaks obscuring the plains, craigs and lower snow covered slopes.

According to the local weather det and windsocks – this isn’t bad – 15mph (24kph) winds. Certainly no where near sandstorm level, just enough to be completely agravating and giving you dirty hair between the showers and the hut.

I have started watching the weather here as the people who seem to be getting it right. Unfortunately, that means that freezing temperatures and snow flurries might just be in my future. Certainly rain seems to be out of the question.

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2 Responses to the Wind came up

  1. Diane says:

    I will never, ever complain abut the cold and frost again! I will happily go out and purchase my milk, bread and toilet paper knowing that it could be worse…as you are presently experiencing. Sounds awful!

  2. Carmen says:

    Oh yeah, that uniform thing occurred to me last night.

    Does the uniform not have a scarf? Everyone from MN knows you need a scarf in the winter!!!

    I hope the hut is well heated and insulated.

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