The well dressed

Soldier/Officer on BAF in the latest style sports ACUs (Army Combat Uniform), sturdy boots, and a choice of cover (head gear). There is the patrol hat – what most would consider a standard cap fitted reasonably close to the head with a bill in front and the Boonie hat – a round hat with floppy brim on all sides and a string with which to secure it.

On the uniform, of course, is the proper flag worn on the right sleeve above whatever combat patch the individual may have. If in possession of more than one, you can chose in most circumstances. There is a relative value to patches: line division patches rate higher than support units rate higher than “x” army rate higher than medical rate higher than reserve/guard. The last is simply because most people don’t recognize them. It might mean that reserve medical brigades are in the bottom tier, but I can’t confirm or deny that fact.

On the left sleeve one finds velcro’d on the current patch. Other than that, name is on the right, Service affliation on the left and rank on a tab in the center.

Of course, I have not mentioned the most important accessory – M16, M4 or 9MM worn holstered or slung.

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2 Responses to The well dressed

  1. Angeluna says:

    This just begs for a photo!

  2. ruth says:

    Are you schlepping around a gun? You are one scary lady! Are you knitting?

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