The shortest day

I would have also called it the darkest day, but you would think that I was repeating myself.

It was dark when I got up in the morning, overcast the entire day and dark early in the afternoon.

Actually, when I started looking it up I found claims that the 21st was the solstice or the 22nd. Or, more importantly that the 23rd was the longest night. It was at this point that I decided that no one was going to confuse me with facts and that I needed to knit something simple.

Like, let us say – a soft, squoosy, slouchy hat for one of the girls. Knit on size 9mm needles out of two strands of Shakespeare held together. It finished up in no time at all just leaving the Eldest with the task of procuring her own ribbon for the row of eyelet’s.

Dirigible - The Jane Victorian

Dirigible - The Jane Victorian

warm ears for the Eldest

warm ears for the Eldest

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  1. Carmen says:

    I hope you have a really nice Hanukkah and that the kids are ok (and on peaceful terms.)

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