The people you meet

“the places you’ll go, the people you’ll meet” with applogies to Dr Seus

Especially the people.

I meeting interesting people just sitting around in the lounge between 2100 show time and 0000 when it becomes obvsious that our flight is not here, has been diverted and the snow coming down makes it extremely unlikely that the flight is every going to happen. (Flight will, instead of going to Kandahar – first will go North to Kabul, reload, come back here and then go to Kandahar. I have ocean front poperty in Dragon BHuts…).

The GOs don’t hang out that long, but there are a lot of very interesting reserve and guard CSMs on their way out and about in theater seeing to their soliders. (We will ignore the 1600 and 1630 flights that changed from one C-17 to 2x C-130 -> cargo).

There is the smiling young SrA behind the STOL desk who let me move our manifest over to his flights at 0250 in the morning when it looked like the other flight was DOA. And assisted in helping me move over to the next C-130 flight show time at 0930 when it was obvious the smaller planes were grounded due to weather.

The TSgt who managed to talk a flight crew into opening another seat on the C-130 when I was offered the last seat (which would have left Tara stuck in Bagram – dumb when getting her to Kandahar was the purpose of the drill) and the CSM who offered up his seat to us so that we could travel, delaying his trip till 1715.

And the lovely woman running the training center at Kandahar who is supporting us with training facilities, coffee, water and smiles for the next two days while we run another course.

There are a lot of wonderful people who enjoy doing their jobs, like supporting people and go out of their way to help. Now to pass all this support forward to the next person who needs it…..

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5 Responses to The people you meet

  1. Margo says:

    Ha! That one made me laugh. Reminded me of Girl Scout camp. (There were rules then, and we followed them, or else face the humiliating prospect of being sent home.) I do feel for you. Wonder if some people have never been told that their behaviour is rude?

    If you can sleep through that stuff… well, that’s an amazing attribute!

  2. Berg says:

    Bad memories of rude folks too. Whenever I was in the position of arriving at 0-dark-30, I just slept in my clothes and dealt with the rest in the AM. Too bad this woman hadn’t a clue. I am just curious, Air Force?

    How short are you now…LOL

  3. Holly says:

    No – Army idiots – all of them!

  4. Carmen says:

    How frustrating for everyone.

    But, getting on the cell and why do I have to share, that’s probably even lower than being a clumsy clod in the middle of the night.

    Close call however

  5. Ron says:

    I will say it again… worst airline in the world.

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