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The people you meet — 5 Comments

  1. Ha! That one made me laugh. Reminded me of Girl Scout camp. (There were rules then, and we followed them, or else face the humiliating prospect of being sent home.) I do feel for you. Wonder if some people have never been told that their behaviour is rude?

    If you can sleep through that stuff… well, that’s an amazing attribute!

  2. Bad memories of rude folks too. Whenever I was in the position of arriving at 0-dark-30, I just slept in my clothes and dealt with the rest in the AM. Too bad this woman hadn’t a clue. I am just curious, Air Force?

    How short are you now…LOL

  3. How frustrating for everyone.

    But, getting on the cell and why do I have to share, that’s probably even lower than being a clumsy clod in the middle of the night.

    Close call however

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