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The Hat Parade — 7 Comments

  1. I read about a guy in Portland (or maybe Seattle) who has made hundreds of hats and hands them out to people who need a hat or a smile or whatever.
    Gee that deep-see blue is a wonderful color.

  2. OK. So I see all the hats AND the toys. The Karbonz needles are great. I keep breaking my small size dps. Pretty hard to break carbon!

  3. A busy bee are you! Love the purl slouch’s look, though I confess to not being a fn of purling in the round. Quite green with envy re the new toys…I haven’t convinced myself I am worth the cost of those better needles…yet.

    • No purling involved at all, except in the ribbing – this is knit, turn and knit back, just reversing the direction of the knitting with every color change!

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