the day that wasn’t

Now according to my watch, phone, calendar and computer as well as the server which I have been using for hosing since 2007, today is the 15th of Oct. According to everything around me – we went from the 14th to the 16th. Traveling west around the globe, the time recesses steadily backward until you hit the point where you have to do something since if you had been traveling east the time zones would have been hop, skipping and jumping ahead hour by hour. At some point they have to meet. Arbitrarily – there is this imaginary line in the Pacific where the twain meet – The International Dateline. It is about as real as the Equator. Nevertheless, going west – a day disappears. Going east – it is the only time where you get a “do over” on the date but nothing I have seen leads me to believe you can really expunge what you have done for the last 24 hours and try again.

So now that you understand that today – 14 Oct – exists for you and not for me it seemed like a good time to catch you up with knitting since I can’t report on activities that don’t happen. If I do this again, with a bit of malice of forethought I could come up with a day of ships activities that almost might be real…

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  1. AlisonH says:

    Oh that’s too funny. Beware the Ides of October!

    My husband’s then-boss was in Japan on business a few years back, turned 40, flew home, crossed the dateline and turned 39 again and then had to turn 40 again. A bunch of us threw him a heck of a surprise birthday party when he stumbled in his front door (someone had the key). I mean, if you’re going to turn 40 twice!

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