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The Cold — 7 Comments

  1. Glad the heat was reset-able! I’m just getting over a cold after nearly two weeks; I hope yours treats you gently.

  2. Knowing you have the skills, medicine and incentive to heal, all I can add is I’m praying you’ll get well quickly.

  3. Oh, sorry about the virus. Not much to be done, right? Except don’t let it weaken you and turn into an infection.

  4. You didn’t mention the windchill. I just checked, and it showed
    northern Afghanistan as having regular temps in the 40s and wind
    chills of closer to 25. Definitely need a heater! Poor thing.

  5. PLS go back to bed and stay warm and snug so you can get rild of the virus you’ve picked up!!

    I’m sorry you are not feeling great – must be even more difficult under the conditions you are facing. PLS rest!!

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