Somehow, when it is hot outside it hardly seems like Thanksgiving. Also, when on a ship of around 2200 pax (with almost 1900 being from Australia and a hard-drinking group they are) it wasn’t surprising to find out there were somewhere between 23-35 American’s on the ship. [number floats depending on whether or not you count the cruise director staff and childcare crew in the numbers).

Didn’t stop the chefs from putting on a Thanksgiving dinner in the side dining room complete with turkey and cranberry sauce. I skipped the rest of it because I had already been to dinner once that evening.

Yes, the woman who rarely eats dinner happily showed up for an extremely nice salad followed by blackened salmon at the Captain’s Table. That was 1800. I even have the picture and menu to prove it – along with my little name card. But no way was I going to be able to eat two dinners in one evening.

Where was I? Oh yes, eating turkey after the introductions but escaping prior to a round of “what I am thankful for….”

Other than that – it was a quiet day at sea during which I read, knit, worked on courses and just about missed the ad hoc cruise critic get together which I had organized that morning and posted on the bulletin board.

Oh – and the wandering door decoration which had been stolen was found by my lovely cabin attendant (in another cabin) and returned. Didn’t even think about kids on the cruise or the fact that someone might take it for a holiday decoration.



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